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Research Data Management System

The RDMS binds two important principles in current science: Open Science and the FAIR principles. It provides tools for making your data findable, to share your data and to classify the data with metadata to promote and enhance re-usability. The data is safely stored within the datacloud of the UG and the RDMS offers a connection with Pure for publication and registration.

The RDMS offers:

  • A centralized storage system for research data
  • A safe solution for managing and archiving files
  • The option to add metadata to files and folders to enhance findability and reusability
  • The option to share data with students and scientists within the UG
  • Secure storage of the data on different levels depending on the vulnerability of the data
  • A connection with Pure for publication and registration
  • A connection to Peregrine for easy transfer of data

Primary support of the RDMS is by the Digital Competence Center (DCC). All members of UG staff can log in to the RDMS, and the DCC can help with organizing the data structure for your personal use or for groups and projects. Please contact the DCC with any questions about the RDMS:

This document is mainly targeted towards the end-users and the technical information is limited to the required minimum. The main processes such as making a connection, uploading your data, adding metadata, adding or removing collaborators, etc. are explained.